“I am not embarrassed, I am only fabulously sinking.”


Lifejacket made from discarded Hudson's Bay Co. mink jacket and real regulation federally-approved life preserver.

It is very odd to find yourself being used to illustrate some oblique purpose. My fur lifejacket, made as a sort of surrealist conversation piece from a real vintage lifejacket and a discarded mink jacket found in thrift, ended up here:

Fur for LACMA: “Following up on the announcement from the New York Times that the LA County Museum of Art isn’t getting Eli Broad’s collection, may I suggest this fur life jacket to be distributed to the museum committee. Nothing says “I am not embarrassed, I am only fabulously sinking” better than this Meret Oppenheim-inspired piece of surrealism.”

Update: There were only two of these made. I have decided to sell one.

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