The Vera scarf.

Vera scarves, seen on Flickr and eBay

People are in love with their Vera scarves, as you will see if you search Flickr. My mother had Vera scarves, so nostalgia may be mixed in with my addiction to the strange geometry. Vera Neumann (1910-1993, Stamford, Connecticut) founded her self-named company with her husband George and friend Werner Hamm shortly after WWII. She started by printing her graphic patterns on army surplus parachute silk, and then continued designing scarves and many other home and fashion accessories well into the 80s. Vera’s op-art and abstract geometrics were justifiably famous and the Smithsonian honored her in 1972 with the show “A Salute to Vera: The Renaissance Woman.”

Vera Neumann

Vera Scarf, from sobodda on Flickr

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