Vancouver clothing designer Hajnalka Mandula has some dedicated devotees in our studio. Hajnalka (pronounced High NAL ka) produces a hybrid look that’s part urban nomad, part steampunk, part Hungarian schoolboy, part post-apocalyptic Girl Guide, all this and yet the effect is sexy and pulled together. Mandula, who is originally from Hungary, was one of the first designers in North America to use organic natural fabrics, and it’s interesting that she combines new sustainable fabrics with older recycled materials – two different approaches to sustainable design. She often accessorizes her pieces by adding rusted skeleton keys, bicycle inner tubes and 19th century leather military paraphernelia like handgun holsters. There is something almost paradoxically futuristic about antique materials and natural fabrics worn this way, as if you’re on the set of Aeaon Flux. Around our studio we call this look “Space Rags” – what the rural militia might wear on future planets. 

See her also here.

Clothes by Mandula

Clothes by Mandula

Clothes by Mandula

Clothes by Mandula 4

Jeremy, our man around the studio, loves the look below. He called it “Pirate Chef”:

Clothes by Mandula  - Jacket



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