Felice Varini – geometry projected on architecture

Felice Varini, Supergraphic installation

Swiss artist Felice Varini applies these geometric “perspective-localized” paintings to rooms and other architectural surfaces. Varini’s perspectival installations are interesting in that they project visually compelling geometric shapes onto architectural spaces but the shapes are only seen in their perfect geometric form from a single, specific vantage point. When you step away from that place, the image becomes fractured or distorted. The social implications of this idea seem pretty inescapable – there is a single, privileged point of view where the geometry lines up; for anyone else, the image is a jumble – pleasing, but strangely random. Quite apart from the conceptual elements, these are beautiful from any angle -not to mention nerd-pleasing. For more images, go to Felice Varini’s site. The only disappointment with his site is how seldom you get to see the “broken” image, which makes you wonder how committed he is to the flip side of the experience.

Felice Varini, Doubles Losanges Croises via lepassage

Felice Varini, Encerclement a dix

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  1. Tilda B. Hervé Says:

    you are perfect! found of the day: post about a swiss artist via american blog! love the worldwideweb! greetings from Switzerland

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you! He’s great. Greetings back from Canada! (We’re Canadian.)

  3. admin Says:

    PS Merci!

  4. Linda Foster Says:

    Hello – I was just talking to Kathleen (Schuck) Foster and she mentioned the art piece you did for their wedding was on your site. I can’t locate it; is it still on your website or has it now been removed? Great site by the way!

    Thanks much.

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