Cynthia Maxwell, cool science design nerd girl

Cynthia Maxwell, who is not only a mechanical engineer who has just finished a PhD on “Sound Synthesis from Shape-Changing Geometric Models” at Berkeley and has been part of the audio group at Apple and has worked for NASA, she also has a great eye and a sense of humour. Her blog, on her website House of Bits (she’s in computer science so that’s apparently a double entendre) is called Some Bits: a decent way to waste time) and it’s an interesting and informed compendium of design – fashion, interior, graphic, architectural and many others.

Aladdin chairs by Claesson Koivisto Rune; Casa en los Tuliperos, Chile, by architect Gonzalo Mardones Viviani;  knitwear by Tim Ryan; sideboard by Formstelle; Chinese porcelain crumpled beer cans; meh flask. And if you want to know what’s in her personal cacti collection… here.

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