Eileen Gray’s Satellite Hanging Lamp

On occasion, the women of 20th C design do get a certain amount of recognition. This rare aluminum pendant lamp by Eileen Gray, previously owned by Yves St Laurent, is up for auction at Christie’s and is estimated at US$1 million. Via dailyicon. I’ve written about Gray before, here and here.

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2 Responses to “Eileen Gray’s Satellite Hanging Lamp”

  1. John Hopper Says:

    There is so much excitement about the Yves Saint Laurent sale at Christie’s (Paris February 23-25) with some people estimating that the sale could exceed 350 million Euros. It’s a chance to see a whole range of art and design, including the Eileen Gray gem that you have shown here. Just spectacular!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I still can’t get over this lamp. It’s so unlike anything else at the time, or since for that matter, and it was made so early.

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