When library scientists complain about having too many books.

bookcase with pitchfork

This is an addendum Рor antidote Рto the previous wall-of-books post. Riba, a library scientist, writes

Within our home the sheer quantity of books we own inhibits our ability to display artwork. Bookshelves have consumed most of the wallspace, leaving few places to hang paintings. We could weed our book collection — I could point to dozens of books which we haven’t opened in over a decade which are also readily available from the library… But whether it’s nostalgia, inertia, or something else, the books continue to gather dust and the paintings sit in the corner.

And we’re not alone. Self-storage has become a massive growth industry as Americans have more possessions than can fit in their homes.

[E]ven when the stored items are innocent possessions, a certain poignant sadness haunts them: They are mementos we somehow can’t live with, and yet can’t live without, and exemplify the downside of acquisition, the moment when you realize there are more bread machines, plastic lawn chairs, and treadmills than anyone could use in a lifetime.

We only have so much time, money space and attention. So when does a security blanket become an anchor?

See my post on a similar topic here. Bookcase above via Bokhyller via Preik.

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