Fia Backstrom – living in your art studio

fia backstrom in the New  York Times

I love this art object/piece of furniture by artist Fia Backstrom, who has had a number of exhibitions in Vancouver. From the NYT article “Artful Lodgers“:

Fia Backstrom describes her apartment near the Gowanus Canal as a perpetual battle between organization and chaos. ‘‘It is simultaneously studio and bed in one,’’ she says. But she has silence, solitude and a full view of the sky. Backstrom’s question-mark chaise was part of her summer show, ‘‘that social space between speaking and meaning,’’ at White Columns, and the wallpaper is her 2003 work ‘‘1.000.000 people incl. satellite suburbs.’’ Her shows ‘‘A Choreographed Exhibition’’ at Le Centre d’Art Contemporain de la Ferme du Buisson in France and ‘‘Pottery and Poetry’’ at the Apartment in Vancouver, Canada, both open this month, and she is currently reading ‘‘The K. Protocol,’’ a book of haiku by the artist Karl Holmqvist, whom Backstrom calls ‘‘pivotal to my practice.’’

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