It’s Spring, Let’s Go Outside!

Outdoor room - close up

These are all, as usual, from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Greystone Press, 1970. I love the photo of the little garden house with the abstract geometric painting, above, and the book actually includes plans for it (click at bottom). One of the things that is so great about 1960s and 70s decor books is that many of the best ideas come with DIY instructions or are just simple to make, like the cedar privacy wall below.

Cedar outdoor screen wall

“A screen is often more than a screen. When properly designed and placed, it can become an important part of the design of a home – as illustrated convincingly here. This rather Oriental redwood-slat screen acts as a noise-and-weather baffle and masks a view of neighboring houses. The screen solves several problems unobtrusively because it has been planned to blend with the character and construction of the house it serves.”

Outdoor art, patio

Bicycle wheel potato chip cart! Happy Spring.


Outdoor room

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4 Responses to “It’s Spring, Let’s Go Outside!”

  1. John Hopper Says:

    More great images from that 1960s/1970s cusp. It’s quite unusual to see garden interpretations as many of the books of the time tended to deal mostly with interiors.

    I could now kick myself for getting rid of a lot of my period DIY books when I last moved, I thought I wouldn’t have room, as if that was an adequate excuse!

  2. Tilda B. Hervé Says:

    this ‘greenhouse’ is so friendly! thanx for the stair link, the pictures are superbe!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Is that a screen or more than a screen? I must know immediately.

  4. Practical Encyclopedia Books | Mid-Century Modern Blog Says:

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