In Every Dreamhome A Heartache

Sitting Room/Patio?

For those who aren’t familiar with the song In Every Dreamhome A Heartache, it appeared on the 1973 Roxy Music album For Your Pleasure. See here for a live performance featuring Brian Eno on keyboards, looking like a sick Ziggy Stardust, and Andy Mackay wearing some quite amazing blistered spaceman pants in green satin. The decor-filled lyrics are below, but here’s a sample: “Open plan living/Bungalow ranch style/All of its comforts/Seem so essential.” There’s a certain nostalgia for 70s decor happening at the moment. Not surprisingly, back in 1973 there was a different, more skeptical take on opulent, “utopian” postwar interior design and its discontents. As an aside, I think the houses being sung about here were actually the 50s rancher bungalows Bryan Ferry would have grown up with, but then the 1970s “dreamhome” styles would probably have had their roots in 50s modernism.

The top two photographs are from 1973; the photo at far bottom is from 1974.

Williams House Interior/Exterior by Julius Shulman

E. Stewart Williams House Ext

70s lounge

Family Holiday Home near Como

Thanks to glen.h and vytaute and Miss Retro Modern on Flickr.

In Every Dream Home A Heartache
by Bryan Ferry

In every dream home a heartache
And every step I take
Takes me further from heaven
Is there a heaven?
I’d like to think so
Standards of living
They’re rising daily
But home oh sweet home
It´s only a saying
From bell push to faucet
In smart town apartment
The cottage is pretty
The main house a palace
Penthouse perfection
But what goes on
What to do there
Better pray there
Open plan living
Bungalow ranch style
All of its comforts
Seem so essential
I bought you mail order
My plain wrapper baby
Your skin is like vinyl
The perfect companion
You float my new pool
De luxe and delightful
Inflatable doll
My role is to serve you
Disposable darling
Can’t throw you away now
Immortal and life size
My breath is inside you
I’ll dress you up daily
And keep you till death sighs
Inflatable doll
Lover ungrateful
I blew up your body
But you blew my mind
Oh those heartaches
Dreamhome heartaches

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4 Responses to “In Every Dreamhome A Heartache”

  1. Eva Says:

    Oh, yes, I remember well. I was in their concerts in 1973 and 1974. In the first concert, some people got up to applaude — I think 3 or 4, me included.

  2. youhavebeenheresometime Says:

    can i just tell you again how much i love your postings! the last room amazes me. i love the large rock sculptures, and the sculpture that reacheto the ceiling. incredbile! and the built in sofa looks so lush and comfortable. i would be so curious to see the rest of the place.

    hope your weekend is shaping up!
    all the best,
    david john

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Glen.h on Flickr has the most amazing collection of photos of interiors and architecture. The original link to his photo, in case you didn’t click on the image, is here:
    And his caption reads:
    “Architect Ico Parsi, from “Decorative Art and Modern Interiors”, Studio Vista 1974. Living room. ”
    And thanks so much for your comment. Readers here should take a look at your blog too, because it’s smart and original! (Click on David’s link above.)

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