Cast Concrete Shopfront in São Paolo

Marcio Kogan's Vitra showroom in Sao Paolo

Marcio Kogan's Vitra showroom in Sao Paolo

This is the Mi Casa VolB showroom in São Paolo, by Marcio Kogan. I love cast concrete, especially here where there’s no attempt to embellish or hide the structure. Via Wallpaper: “The concrete is visible throughout, free of detailing, with even the construction workers’ chalk markings left intact inside. Outside, one facade is an exposed steel frame, normally used to reinforce concrete. Rough-textured surfaces lit from above and via the low shop window, make the space, as Kogan says, ‘almost an X-ray of the materials’. This may be an elite, upmarket boutique, but the design of the building would not be expensive to emulate considering the simplicity of its shapes and materials. It would be so nice to see something like this in Vancouver.

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  1. Rita Says:

    your blog is great but I couldn’t let you get away with ‘sao paolo’: if it’s in Brazil, it´s São Paulo.

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