Architecture in the movies, part 2.

The Hoke House

The Hoke House

The Hoke House

The Hoke House

The "Cullen House", Portland, OR

I’m not sure where the strange compulsion to assemble this inventory comes from but it’s hard to stop, especially when people start adding their suggestions to the list. The house above was suggested by swedestralian. It’s by architect Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture for Nike executive John Hoke and his family and appeared in the 2008 film Twilightswedestralian also suggested The Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry, below, which as everybody has probably noticed made a key appearance in 2008’s Get Smart:

The climax of the atrocious Get Smart unfolds here, and while I’m not a huge fan of this building, I can only imagine the ambivalence Gehry must have felt if he saw the movie.

Villa Malaparte, Capri

villa malaparte

The much-photographed Villa Malaparte by Adalberto Libera, on the island of Capri, appeared in Godard’s 1963 film Le Mépris (Contempt). That’s Brigitte Bardot on the roof.

Guggenheim, New York
The Guggenheim Museum (New York), designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1959, appeared in 2009’s The International. It was suggested by archdaily via twitter, who also suggested the Mies van der Rohe towers in Chicago, which appeared in Batman. I haven’t seen the new Batman movie, but boerhaus says that the two Chicago Mies vander Rohe buildings in the film are the IBM Plaza (1973), which was the site of the Wayne Enterprises Boardroom, Harvey Dent’s office, the Mayor’s office and the Police Commissioner’s office, and One Illinois Center (1970), which became the main living area of Bruce Wayne’s new penthouse. The building at center below is One Illinois Center, by photographer Lee Bey.

One Illinois Center, Mies vander Rohe, photographed by Lee Bey

IBM Plaza, below.
State Street

Feel free to send in your suggestions. Unless otherwise noted all photos are from Flickr, with the exception of the shots of Villa Malaparte from Wikipedia.

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