When “today” had the ring of “tomorrow”

Inside Today's Home - bathroom by Charles Gwathmey

Photos are all from the 1975 edition of Inside Today’s Home  by Ray and Sarah Faulkner, Holt Rinehart Winston. (The 1954, 1960 and 1968 editions of this book are all worth collecting too, if you can find them on abebooks.) The word “today” somehow sounded more optimistic then than it does now, though of course back then you did have the bomb to consider. Authors Ray Faulkner, Professor of Art and Architecture at Stanford and Sarah Faulkner, a trained interior designer, wanted the book to function as both an academic text and as a coffee table book, so it’s an interesting mix of both DIY and historical information. Most of the photos are black and white, but there’s also a small selection of good colour plates. The bathroom above is by Charles Gwathmey and is clearly referencing Corbusier’s Villa Savoye; the airy stucco pool house and pony wall below are by architect Charles Moore.

House by architect Charles Moore

House by Paul Rudolph

House by Paul Rudolph

Japanese-influenced bedroom and open plan house, above, are by architect Paul Rudolph. If you click on the photo directly above there’s a great story in the comments by a member of the Paul Rudolph Foundation.

Zomeworks 2

Zomeworks 1

“Zome” solar houses by the Zomeworks Corporation, which is still in operation. One hopes it will revisit the solar house idea. “Zomes” opened during the day to admit sun, and closed at night to retain heat.

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4 Responses to “When “today” had the ring of “tomorrow””

  1. iinekore Says:

    they are great. that bathroom is stunning (is it some kind of sun bed??).
    and split level living, a great thing.
    (is it ok to update my living low post i have currently to link to the second picture i wonder?)

  2. Lindsay Says:

    iinekore, I love your blog – link to anything you like. I thought the curvy tiled seat in the bathroom was actually a shower area in which you reclined, rather than stood, but you could be right! Or perhaps just a lounging/drying area under a heat lamp? PS go ahead and post your living low URL here too, if you like.

  3. Joddie Says:

    I love the bathroom design… so inspired me.. thanks for your nice blog

  4. Paul Rudolph’s Modulightor House | Ouno Design Says:

    […] first found out about the architect Paul Rudolph after posting an image of one of his other houses, and reading a response to it by Kelvin Dickson of the Paul […]

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