Geodesic dome redux

geodesic interior, from randomfriendly via nomadicway, from tumblr

This post is sort of a follow-up to a previous post with a similar thesis: that the 60s and 70s aren’t dead, they’re alive and well and living on tumblr. These photos of geodesic dome interiors and exteriors are just a small selection from randomfriendly,  nomadicway, julesandnichostandardgrey and cerebralmuseum. Curious fact: Buckminster Fuller was not the inventor of these structures. The first geodesic dome was built 30 years earlier “by  Walther Bauersfeld, chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company, for a planetarium to house his new planetarium projector,” according to Wikipedia. However it was Fuller’s utopian PR for his domes that fed these 60s and 60s-style experimentations. Welcome to the pleasure dome – though I’m sure these are not what that song is referring to.

geodesic interior from julesandnicho

shingled geodesic dome, via nomadicway via cerebralmuseum

geodesic dome, via

geodesic dome, via via nomadicway


geodesic dome, via

dome via random friendly via nomadicway

geodesics via cerebral museum

dome via julesandnicho

geodesic fail by standardgrey

The above by standardgrey really made me laugh, even despite an allergy to lolspeak (click on photo to see other amusing judgments passed on this thing). So many of these glass domes were eventually painted for privacy and shade, but this one takes defeating the purpose to a new level. The 1976 dome fire below, “Buckminster’s blaze,” is via standardgrey via mcslo and is originally from the Montreal City Archive. See some funny remarks about this, and about domes in general, here. PS. check out this Buckminster Fuller collapsing table.

Biosphère, Expo 67, Montreal

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    This is such a fantastic post!
    That blazing dome will stay with me forever.
    You have a brilliant blog.
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