Coast Modern – preview of the upcoming documentary film

DJ Greyboy house, Edward Killingsworth 1957, Long Beach CA

Barbara Bestor, architect, Silver Lake, LA

These stills were shot during the filming of Coast Modern, a documentary film about West Coast modern house architecture, spanning from LA to Vancouver, by Vancouver filmmakers Gavin Froome and Mike Bernard. The film “speaks with the architects and their patrons and asks if Modernism’s time has finally come or did it never really go away.” It is currently in the editing phase and is set to be completed this coming fall. The filmmakers talked with an impressive number of well-known architects and designers up and down the coast, and based on the preview the film has a great feel – entertaining and informative. You can follow the film’s progress on their blog, watch the preview trailer below, and there’s a set of stills on Flickr. I’m hoping the film will spark increased appreciation of modern architecture in Vancouver before the current spate of house demolitions proceeds any further. Photos here are: the Stinson Beach House, top; DJ Greyboy’s Opdahl House by architect Edward Killingsworth; Barbara Bestor’s LA House; the filmmakers talking with Julius Shulman; and the Etenza House where the idea for the Case Study project was hatched. I’ll post more information on the film and its events closer to the release date. All photos posted here by permission from the filmmakers.

Filmmaker talking to Julius Shulman in his office
Etenza House by Harwell Harris

Coast Modern Film Trailer from Coast Modern on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Coast Modern – preview of the upcoming documentary film”

  1. Nicolette Says:

    The description is a bit vague in this matter, but is this film about architecture and interior design? The film trailer is the house? Very interesting design.


  2. Lindsay Says:

    Hi Nicolette – yes, the film is predominantly about architecture, but of course that includes both exteriors and interiors. The film trailer at the bottom of the post gives a sense of some of the houses and their architects.

  3. John Hopper Says:

    Looks to be a fascinating and potentially important film. Well worth watching I would think.

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