Everyone loves the lamps in the Palais de Tokyo cafe

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Various incarnations of the cafe in the Palais de Tokyo art museum in Paris, and its simple but excellent lamp array. A selection of Flickr photos by pavilion tone, Purple Cloud, roryrory, photocapy, and jennylampstand. Michael Lin’s flower floor was recently removed.

Lacaton and Vasaal- Palais de Tokyo, 2001

Palais de Tokyo


Lacaton and Vasaal- Palais de Tokyo, 2001

Paris: palais de tokyo

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4 Responses to “Everyone loves the lamps in the Palais de Tokyo cafe”

  1. iinekore Says:

    wow – amazing display of hanging paper pendants, i love that last shot – like big rain drops, or cloud drops.

  2. John Hopper Says:

    I do like the lamps, but I REALLY love the floor. How could anyone have removed it, and do they sleep at night knowing what they have done?

  3. admin Says:

    I know. All taken together it was a great composition, but no longer. I suspect the reason for the removal was wear and tear – when I was there, before they removed Michael Lin’s floor, the design was pretty scuffed. But they could have just renewed it or replaced it with something equally interesting. It was great to walk into the cafe and see that, particularly combined with the view of the skateboard scene outside.

  4. Eva Says:

    I guess they felt sorry to remove the floor, but the edges show the age! And they replaced some of it by adding colour to the furniture. I think this is a good solution.

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