Fireplaces – Figs. 1 and 2

Fireplace, circle, oval

Which is correct, above, or below?:

TV in fireplace

Or alternately:

Fireplace, plexi circle, snake

All photos from the 1973 decor book 1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living.

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3 Responses to “Fireplaces – Figs. 1 and 2”

  1. John Hopper Says:

    Wow. That’s a first for me. I have never seen a TV placed in a fireplace before. I’m wondering how long it would last until the casing started to warp.

    I think I might have to go for the third option, perhaps minus some of the dodgy artwork. The first is a little too spartan for my tastes and is a little reminiscent of a minimal bus shelter. The second is far too depressingly suburban, while the third is about right. The fireplace might not be central, but there is something predictably tiresome about a central fireplace surrounded by winged back chairs. It looks vaguely international, and while you might not have seen Roxy Music and Jerry Hall lounging, you might well have seen the cool people in a small provincial city doing the same.

  2. LB Says:

    Really? I’m in love with the first one! But I agree with the rest. The second is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen – one of those moments when you think you’re going to spit your coffee onto your keyboard by mistake. Crazy person idea. I love the last room too but you can tell that in the 70s they hadn’t yet run the sponge-painting gauntlet the way we all had to in the ’90s. But I want that pink plexi circle thing, whatever it is. And oh, Roxy Music… In every dreamhome a heartache.

  3. youhavebeenheresometime Says:

    that third photo is so crazy wonderful! im not saying i want to move in, but i applaud such fun, color, geometry, and a dedication to art!

    always such great postings here…

    all the best!

    david john

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