Interior decorators, 60s nostalgia, and slang


Frank Lloyd Wright on interior decorators

Sixties Nostalgia, by Timothy Leary

Slang, by Anthony Burgess


From Nat Shapiro’s funny, grumpy quotation collection Whatever It Is, I’m Against It.


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4 Responses to “Interior decorators, 60s nostalgia, and slang”

  1. Eva Says:

    I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright. We are lucky to live in a rent flat in an awarded house by a Corbusier-oriented architect. The tenant who had the flat before us could not stand the modernity of it. He applied fake plaster battens around the ceiling and wrapped a cement column into wallpaper. That monster.

  2. LB Says:

    Wrapped a cement column in wallpaper!!!! I want to see photos. That’s on the level of most TV home makeover shows now, where the “after” pics are usually worse. Even apocalyptically worse.

  3. john hopper Says:

    I think the Frank Lloyd Wright quote wasn’t really an attack on interior decorators/designers, whether professional or amateur, but much more of an attack on anyone who had the temerity to change anything in a Frank Lloyd Wright interior.

    Wright was notorious for his ego, treatment of women and his infamous foul moods. A thoroughly obnoxious human being who believed that he was God’s gift to the Earth and intended everyone to know the fact.

  4. LB Says:

    I’m a fan of neither his work nor his behaviour. I have to admit though that I did laugh at the term “inferior desecrator.” But he’s one to talk – I’ve always disliked his interior design, which is half William Morris/half pre-Columbian. Did anyone see the dezeen article about how his plans for the Guggenheim museum planned for it to be red, and in brick? It was partly thanks to Solomon Guggenheim’s interference that it’s so pretty today.

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