Traditional Japanese farmhouses: wood and straw

akiyama house interior

Thanks to photographers Molly Des Jardin (cat slide), Ethan and Kohmura Masao (Fomal Haut) for these photos of rural Japanese houses. So few materials, so harmoniously put together. Many of the photos are from an open air museum in Japan, where traditional houses from different regions have been transported and reconstructed. The beautiful horse is a straw toy; click on the image for more information on traditional uses of straw, whether practical or ritual.

akiyama house interior


totsukawa house interior


totsukawa house

shirakawa house veranda

shirakawa-go house

shirakawa-go house

nabatake farm house.JPG

akiyama house

shirakawa-go house

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3 Responses to “Traditional Japanese farmhouses: wood and straw”

  1. iinekore Says:

    beautiful images. i think these traditional places are a lovely example of shadow and light. are the suspended ones i wonder?

  2. LB Says:

    I was wondering if you knew what those suspended things are… drying racks?

  3. ii-ne-kore Says:

    that is what i guessed as well…i might check with a friend who is studying (traditional) architecture on kyoto, see if he knows…

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