If Studio 54 were in the Emerald City

Electrified Plexiglas and Mirrored Glass Low Table by Ron Ferri

“Electrified Plexiglas and Mirrored Glass Low Table,” circa 1970-79, by American designer Ron Ferri. American Glam. From the artnet site:

“There are few designers who captured the essence of the Studio 54 era as well as Ron Ferri did. The Emerald green Plexiglas base is illuminated from within and rests on a sleek mirrored glass top. Pure disco chic. From the original Jay Spectre designed interior for R. Roberts. Documented in Point of View: Design by Jay Spectre by J. Spectre and G. Bradfield; page 46. Original condition.”

Electrified Plexiglas and Mirrored Glass Low Table by Ron Ferri

Here’s Ron in 2004 with Loulou de la Falaise, so not much has changed.

LouLou de la Falaise and RonFerri, 2004

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3 Responses to “If Studio 54 were in the Emerald City”

  1. KEEHNAN Says:

    So funny! Did you ever see this post: http://2thewalls.com/post/32484599/ron-ferri-jay-spectre ?

    It was one of the earliest posts I did, and I always meant to go back and update it with the appropriate image from “Point of View” after I got a scanner but totally forgot.

    I just ran through and retooled it.

  2. LB Says:

    I saw this table in a photo as a child, around the time I was reading the Wizard of Oz series (which is much more psychedelic than the movie). I was fixated on it and asked my mother if we could get it, but of course it was far too expensive not to mention not exactly up my dad’s alley. KEEHNAN, no, I hadn’t seen your post! But I wish I had, because it provides a clearer picture of Ron Ferri beyond just seeing him with LouLou de la Falaise and orange-tinted glasses. That’s a great photo of that room from Jay Spectre’s book, which I don’t have. The South American ceramics, the disco table… there’s a whole philosophy in there.

  3. john hopper Says:

    It is actually, suprisingly, a beautiful piece of furniture. I say suprisingly as Studio 54 does tend to sum up some preconceptions about bad, or at least over the top decorative styling. Just shows you how wrong you can be!

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