The blog YOU HAVE BEEN HERE SOMETIME does, as its title suggests, provoke an uncanny sensation. It’s halfway between a feeling of deja vu and a renewed sense of the mysterious life of objects. No snapshots of the blog shown here could reproduce the feeling you get from the way David John, its creator, exhibits photographs and information; you just have to go there for yourself. YHBHS’s collection of dopplegangers and triples is probably the main engine of the uncanny effect. How does he find art and design objects that echo each other in this way? Once combined, the pieces become animate by virtue of what seems to be a conversation with each other. I also appreciate the way he combines design with art—mostly midcentury, 60s and later sculpture. And with lamps, because on his blog everything is illuminated. Then there’s the sheer quantity of white space, something the internet seldom allows us to experience and which on YHBHS produces a kind of suspenseful, magical atmosphere well as a distinct sensation of falling slowly down the page. The simplicity of the whole is deceptive, and the geometry is mesmerizing. Sometimes when I can’t stabilize my mood or things are just too busy, I go to you have been here sometime and I feel better. David has remarked on the importance of art in a community, and he’s right. The blog proves that creativity can produce a different kind of space. YHBHS is from L.A.

You Have Been Here Sometime

You Have Been Here Sometime

You Have Been Here Sometime

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  1. kelly Says:

    I couldn’t agree more… its a serene and lovely lovely place to be.

  2. iinekore Says:

    i also agree wholeheartedly – you have been here sometime is one of those (perhaps very few) blogs that is entirely special, unique and inspiring.

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