Hottest summer ever, and the tomatoes are still green

Green tomatoes

It’s been the hottest, sunniest, driest Vancouver summer on record, and look, they still don’t ripen. What are we supposed to do with these, other than dither and look at them for a couple of weeks and then compost them? Please advise.

Green tomatoes

And what does one do with this?:


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8 Responses to “Hottest summer ever, and the tomatoes are still green”

  1. Eva Says:

    Is there a lack of sunshine? White skies in spite of the heat? Maybe this is the reason.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    I remember my Mom putting green tomatoes on window sills in her house wherever the sun would shine on them. Maybe that would help.

    I’m not sure what to do with the kohlrabi, though.

  3. LB Says:

    The skies were blue but I think it’s the hours of sunlight – too much shade in morning and late day. They probably only got 8 hours of sun a day, which in summer is probably not enough? The cherry tomatoes ripened, but the big ones are always a problem. I’ve got some of them on the windowsill, but there are so many you’d need about 10 windows. I guess we’re having fried green tomatoes.

  4. beth Says:

    fried green tomatoes.
    slice thinly
    dip in batter ( flour, then egg ) salt generously, fry in good olive oil.

    tis true that warm of sun and length of sun have everything to do with results.
    warmth of ground, when you plant especially.

    have you a friend with a sunny house…and windowsills.

  5. Darren Says:

    I was going to suggest fried green tomatoes, but you beat me to it.

  6. yayayanonono Says:

    Leave them as long as you can (some will ripen, just slower than usual) then cut the remainder down and hang them, still on the vine, inside (doesn’t have to be right in the window). Looks nice too- tomato garlands. Also there was a recipe in the NY Times last week in response to such a problem:

  7. kim Says:

    Apartment Therapy has some suggestions!

  8. LB Says:

    Wow, thank you, everybody! Clearly I am not alone in this.

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