Fish-on-the-line coffee table

table: driftwood, acrylic, hooked fish


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6 Responses to “Fish-on-the-line coffee table”

  1. Eva Says:

    Exactly. Not a table for a Buddhist.

  2. Perry Says:

    I feel like it needs more fish or other animals. I think it has this odd narrative-ness to it that is not being capitalized upon.
    Something more like this:

  3. the brick house Says:

    i vote awesome.

    it’s like a postmodern sculpture, formal and in terrible taste…

  4. kgirl Says:

    yes. more fish. that one definitely seems lonely. though eva has a good point!

  5. iinekore Says:

    Ha! So great.

  6. LB Says:

    Maybe this needs a matching dining table involving a giant octopus sneaking up on a fisherman. PS This isn’t a coffee table so much as a canned beer table.

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