Sarah Gee, geometric collage

Collage by Sarah Gee

These mesmerizing collages are by Sarah Gee, who also happens to be my design partner. They are all new works, and I want one. A small exhibition of her pieces will be up during our Vancouver open studio and sale this weekend, which is part of this huge Vancouver event. Sarah has also just launched her new website, which is completely beautiful.

geometric collage by sarah gee

geometric collage by sarah gee

geometric collage by sarah gee

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4 Responses to “Sarah Gee, geometric collage”

  1. vicky husband Says:

    Sarah Gee’s work is fantastic, and refreshing. I think they are wonderful, and I want one too.

  2. Lucy Bashford Says:

    Sarah, these are really beautiful. You’re amazing! No surprise though.

  3. Geoffrey Farmer Says:


  4. Lindsay Says:

    I bought the top one, and I know some of the others are sold too. I had a panicked moment when I thought I might have missed it, but it’s mine now.

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