Patterned concrete blocks, on Flickr

Besser Vibrapac

Concrete block and perforated screen fetishists should visit this Flickr pool. The wall above and below is at the abandoned Besser Vibrapac office, a building that served as a display of the company’s own concrete blocks. Besser Vibrapac by The Mover, on Flickr. Click on photos to read more. And see this.

Besser Vibrapac

Florida, by JennRation

Above, “Empty midcentury modern building in Ft. Meade, FL. It has 2 of my favorite things. Circles and squares.” By JennRation.

Textile Blocks

Above, Frank Lloyd Wright patterned blocks, by Usonian. Below, Vancouver’s Planetarium (by me), and Blomberg Windows, Sacramento, CA by atomicpear.

Vancouver Museum & Planetarium

Blomberg Windows, Sacramento, CA

Penticton Fire Hall No.2

Above, Penticton Fire Hall, photo by Drew Makepeace. Below, Mexico City facade, “Concrete Lace,” by VonMurr.


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