Ouno Temple, Japan

The word “ouno” is Japanese, which is partly why I chose it (that, and the fact that it’s an ambigram – see upcoming post). Before I ruined the Google Image search for “ouno” by clogging it with my own photos, these two images showed up, both from Japan. I can find out nothing about the temple above and am hoping someone familiar with temples can identify it. Below is an antique sword element:  “Ouno sukashi. Works made by the group of tsuba kou from a village of Ouno in Owari prefecture is generally called Ouno tsuba. Style is in common with Kayanayama tsuba and is powerful and uncouthly shaped.” Alternate spelling is Ohno, which on a bad day in the Ouno studio, seems appropriate. And on a bad day, “uncouthly shaped” is also appropriate, but I don’t find this design uncouth. Please, Japanese readers, school me on this word. (I know all about the manga characters.)


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