Industrial articulated wall lamp

It seems impossible to find completely unadorned industrial design like this new (or even pseudo-industrial, since this lamp was probably made for the domestic market). It’s a vintage midcentury modern lamp from via plastolux. It is here if you just need one, and can afford it. I need two matching lamps, is my problem, and for less than a kajillion dollars. These days the industrial style seems to have disappeared in lighting design and has been replaced by a style I call for lack of a better term “contempo.” That is, design that likes to see itself as contemporary, that pretends to be minimalist but isn’t really, that’s full of overcomplicated shapes, compound curves, weird finishes or brushy nickel, and that barely disguises its secret hankering to be jazzy and attention-seeking. If anyone knows where I can two matching articulated wall lamps, white preferably or white and silver like this one, please advise.

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7 Responses to “Industrial articulated wall lamp”

  1. Paul Says:

    I’m reminded of something my brother has on his wall:

    I wonder if the rest of the black and blum range is as imaginitive?

  2. LB Says:

    Funny. How does it cling to the wall? I need something articulated, unfortunately, so that the light can be brought over the reading area.

  3. ii-ne-kore Says:

    that is truly beautiful. good luck in your search. i am sorry i can’t help with any suggestions. i am thinking david john from you have been here sometime blog might have some ideas though!

  4. ii-ne-kore Says:

    also, i just saw this via i’m (

    a DIY chandelier

    i wonder what you think about it? i really like it! but i think australia is really thing-y about any DIY-ing in the electrical realm. hence all of our electricians drive massively expensive horrendous utes and live in outer suburban mcmansions (as a gross generalisation)

  5. LB Says:

    Lindsey Adelman is brilliant. I’d have done it in all silver but that’s a minor point. I have a DIY version of this using Home Depot parts! You get the y-joint sockets and just branch them out into a tree… but of course this is properly done. Really nice.

  6. Darren (aka Chimay Bleue) Says:

    It is a beautiful lamp. I’m looking for a wall lamp in more of a French 1950s style, myself (you’re probably not surprised), in the style of Serge Mouille or Pierre Guariche… Easy enough to find, provided one is willing to pay the price of a nice car, alas.

  7. Daniel Says:

    It’s a Panama 4050 van Wim Rietveld

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