Desert modern – more Palmer & Krisel

Palmer & Krisel Borrego Springs

More great photos of very nice midcentury modern patterned screen walls and plain shapes. de Anza Country Club, Borrego Springs, California. Architect: William Krisel, Palmer & Krisel, 1959. Photos by Chimay Bleue. The wet Vancouver winter makes you really long for landscaping that involves dry gravel, one aloe and two boulders.

P&K Pool

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  1. ii-ne-kore Says:

    wow, sorry, lots of comment deposits today!

    but your earlier post on concrete blocks, and this on screen recalled to me an amazing house in perth, kesser house. perth climate is maybe close to California/LA climate in some ways (although i have no idea, really, never having been to LA, or perth)

    anyway, there is some good stuff going on over there with 70s concrete block architecture:

    kesser house by iwan iwanoff:
    and another iwanoff house:
    and a church maybe you might like:

    this perth’s best blog seems really good!


  2. LB Says:

    Thanks, Bree! The Iwanoff houses are very like Frank Lloyd Wright’s pre-Columbian style, esp. the Ennis house. Interesting! & thanks for pointing out that blog. Australia is winning the style contest! (If I’m doing the judging, which is of course arbitrary, as in figure skating.)

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