Erwin Hauer, patterned concrete

ErwinHauer 11

ErwinHauer 12

ErwinHauer 13

Patterned concrete walls by the firm Erwin Hauer. Top three photos show a loadbearing cast stone wall in a church in Erdberg, Vienna, Austria. Architect is Robert Kramreiter. Below are two Standard Hotel lobbies and other projects. Most of these walls look 60s or contemporary to me, rather than midcentury modern which is the era more associated with patterned concrete. The Hauer walls are more biomorphic and smooth – some of them perhaps a little smooth or fluid for my liking – but the screen wall at top is perfect. It has just enough angularity to make it interesting, maybe by virtue of its double thickness, with each hole creating a frame for the geometric shapes behind.

ErwinHauer 10

The Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel, lobby

ErwinHauer 8

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