Dance vs decor

Dance by takeSomeCrime, via David John at You have been here sometime. Question: Is the relationship between the decor and the moves inversely proportional – the sketchier the room, the better the moves are? Or is the room just irrelevant? Is this decor Canadian, or is the Canadian location just incidental? Are these questions rhetorical if nobody answers them?

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4 Responses to “Dance vs decor”

  1. AndersDK Says:

    Isn’t it like this?:

    Either you’re really into styling your home, building up the space and refining your taste through books and internet research. You develop great skills in interior decorating, your nest becomes something the magazines want to shoot, and you stay home on a Saturday night enjoying a great book on Australian 70’s architecture in your Scandinavian retro sofa – and therefore are less active, less outgoing and less skilled in exotic dance moves because you didn’t spend the last 10 years crusing the disco floors?

    Or maybe you did, and maybe you had lots of friends who took you out on the town and you danced together, taught each other some new cool moves while buying cheap beer and sharing the joy of life.
    And then you return home to a basement dump with vomit-green fuzzy carpet and wooden walls that look like a rehersal room garage, but who cares because tonight you’re going out again with your friends and not staying home reading the Ouno Design Blog?

  2. LB Says:

    YES. My point exactly.

  3. youhavebeenheresometimem Says:

    wow! just noticed those pants… i want some.. that room, those moves, the melody, and the pants. killer combos!

  4. LB Says:

    My friend Jonathan combined two pairs of pants like this a couple of years ago, wore them out to a club and has been known in certain circles ever since as Johnny Two-pants. He looked fantastic. PS That chair, that guitar, the astroturf-ish carpet, the dancer… sublime.

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