Munich Olympics Graphics, 1972

Logo and graphics from the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics, by Otl Aicher. Via. Unfortunately the excellent design produced by Munich was eclipsed by the gruesome tragedy that unfolded at the Games.

It’s a little-known fact that the graphic icons for each sport – now so familiar to everyone – originated with the Munich ’72 Olympics. Above, ceramic vases and shot glasses, official souvenirs, and below, matchboxes. Beautiful.

Below, poster from the torch relay, and Waldi, the Munich dachsund mascot and the first mascot of the Olympic Games. Thanks to Christina for the mascot image and information (see comment). There’s a photo of a Waldi toy here and poster at bottom.

The Mexico Olympics, 4 years earlier, also had superb design with graphics by Lance Wyman. Compare these to the embarrassing Vancouver 2010 Olympics graphics.



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5 Responses to “Munich Olympics Graphics, 1972”

  1. Kevin Lee Allen Says:

    But I do think the Canadian Olympics are the most stylish in many years…

  2. LB Says:

    Interesting – I was looking at the Munich posters and got the feeling that the Vancouver 2010 designers had probably looked at those. I’m personally not a fan of the Vancouver graphics or logo at all, though I don’t mind the mascots. Christina, thanks! I couldn’t find a good photo of the mascot other than this. I’ve added yours to the post. I had no idea Waldi was the first Olympic mascot – so many Olympic innovations happened in Munich.

  3. Christina Says:

    Otl Aicher also created the first ever Olympic mascot for the 1972 Olympics. It was a dachshund by the name of “Waldi”. Some say they chose a dachshund to symbolize the robust and flexible character athletes are supposed to possess. Others say Germany was trying to project a friendly, joyous picture of a Post-war Germany, the image of the reformed German soul, so to say.


  4. Christina Says:

    I am flattered 🙂

    PS: I read your Vancouver logo entry and smirked at your tag “why are things so boring now?”

  5. Jay Says:

    Where on earth can I get a reprint of a Waldi poster….ANY Waldi poster?

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