Tunnel doorway, and other portals

There are more tunnels and round things where this came from: see  y o u h a v e b e e n h e r e s o m e t i m e. This photo originally via OWI.

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5 Responses to “Tunnel doorway, and other portals”

  1. Darren Says:

    Tunnels and round doors instantly make a space more interesting. I think it’s human nature – when we see one, we automatically want to go through it.

  2. Darren Says:

    By the way, have you ever seen Pierre Cardin’s home in Cannes? It was designed by Antti Lovag, and is full of round doors, bubbles, and tunnels.


  3. Eva Says:

    Round gates are quite popular in traditional Chinese garden architecture, they are called “moon doors”

  4. youhavebeenheresometimem Says:

    beautiful pictures of those chinese gardens…. love that they are called moon doors too..!

    need to do some more research on those!

  5. ichi.one Says:

    that tunnel doorway is from the from the Michael Arts house in Belgium
    quote from the OWI site :
    “Michael arts, one of the leading figures of Tommy Hilfiger built his own home in the woods, near Antwerp. Inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright he designed a house where he retires with his family and friends, inbetween is transcontinental flights. The house is a combination of authentic details, luxury and souvenirs from all over the world.”

    more pictures from this house : http://www.owi.bz/collection/?uid=eaf13d4e-d71d-4600-9f92-2c0b158b6646

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