Maria Bamford

When she was younger, comedian Maria Bamford played a Star Trek character in a touring show that visited malls across the USA doing things like Jack in the Box promotions. She played a Bajoran – you know, those people from the planet Bajor in Deep Space Nine:

“Greetings! I am Major Lilanca from the Planet Bajor… [Who were] the Bajorans? We were like the jews of your WW II. We were decimated by the Cardassians,  a lizard-like people. All that I have left of my parents to remember them by is this bloody paper doll.”

“That looks like a napkin with ketchup on it, from the food court.”

“Oh, so you are a denier of the Holocaust. I see. Well, why don’t you go wait for your wife to come back from Chico’s, where she is buying a boxy jacket.”

See more in her homemade Christmas Special here though I like the “Maria Bamford Show” more, a semi-faux-autobiographical series about her family and hometown in which she plays all the parts. Her mimicry is eerie. A seriously underrated comedian. Watch all 20 episodes on YouTube – my favourite episode is number 11.

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