Expo Lounge – Montreal’s Expo 67 and the 60s

expo lounge

Expo Lounge is a fun mine of architecture & design from Expo 67 and its general 1960s context – the utopian architecture, the futurist and sci-fi imagination, and the burst of innovation and optimism . Below is a near random collection of the material on the site, but it’s worth going and seeing for yourself. Below, an artist’s conception of the African pavilion and the Expo logo.

Katimavik, the Canadian pavilion in the shape of an inverted pyramid (and accidentally inspired by a pyramidal ashtray in the architect’s office). Oddly I can’t find any mention of Moshe Safdie’s modular Habitat complex, but there’s a good post on the equally well-known geodesic dome, the US pavilion.

Also see La Ronde, one of the most popular areas of the Expo site. And it seems there’s a proposal to launch Expo 17 in Montreal – 50 years later.

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  1. Tanith Says:

    I hadn’t really thought much about the Expos, but I grew up in Spokane and this totally inspired me to look up more of the artwork and everything from Spokane’s Expo ’74, and there’s all this really great artwork and design, *plus* I found out that the “theme” of Expo ’74 was about environmentalism. The slogan for the Expo was: “Earth does not belong to Man, Man belongs to the earth.”

    some cool photos of the design art and photos:



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