Patio chair of rebar and planks

Studio/boutique of Carla Fernández

Outdoor chairs made very simply from welded rebar and wooden planks. The little folding perch is clever too. If you’re from DF and you know the name of this designer, please remind me. The studio is at Chihuahua 78, between Cordoba and Merida.

UPDATE: Thanks, Alejandro: the designer is Hector Galvan and the company is Omelette.

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2 Responses to “Patio chair of rebar and planks”

  1. alejandro Says:

    the designer is hector galvan, his website is

  2. LB Says:

    Thank you! You’re right. There’s some interesting stuff on that site – the renewal of Regina Street was an interesting project. PS Omelette is just downstairs from Carla Fernandez’ boutique. I liked her support of traditional weavers.

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