The Most Simple Chair / Grycja Erde

the most simple chair designed by grycja erde. Via rolu, one of the very best blogs in this plethora of blogs. I like furniture that stacks and gets out of the way, especially if it forms a large solid platform to sit or put objects on.

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5 Responses to “The Most Simple Chair / Grycja Erde”

  1. Matt Marble Says:

    The most comfortable chair?

  2. ET Says:

    but is it comfortable?

  3. LB Says:

    Good question. I don’t imagine you’d want to spend a lot of time in it. For casual public spaces, though, it might be great or at least serviceable.

  4. Theenara Says:

    If I had them in my house, i would put cushions with various patterns/colours on them so now they’re the most simple chairs and also the most comfortable ones…

  5. Aesthesiak Says:

    i agree with Theneera.

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