Coloured plexi beach art installation, Sydney

This sculpture installation of coloured plexiglas by Nicholas Elias takes me back to my 60s/70s childood. It’s part of the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition in Sydney, Australia. I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t do this first, though I wanted to make more of a landscaping or entrance feature. As a child I had a toy that looked a lot like this, made of interlocking coloured plexi squares similar to the interlocking Eames house-of-cards deck. Does anyone else remember that? I can’t find any picture of it online. Via BBC. Photos by AP and Sam Burns.

 - Coloured perspex installation by Nicholas Elias on Sydney's Tamarama Beach

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  1. yhbhs Says:


  2. Fraser Says:

    Yes – I remember those. My autistic desire is to find that original perspex interlocking toy / game – as you say, no images on the web apparently. I recall playing with a friend’s set in the early 70s. Why is it that the most desirable toys always belonged to someone else? … f

  3. Fraser Says:

    Try this … looks similar? …

  4. LB Says:

    Oh my god! That’s it! How did you find that? And it’s in the permanent collection of the V&A – hardly surprising. Doesn’t look as it’s currently available – I immediately tried to buy one.

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