Window advice please

Stained glass window needs repair

Stained glass window

Need advice! The thought of going through another winter with the cold pouring through thin, damaged church windows seems unbearable. The building dates from the 1930s and quite possibly the window frames do too, though perhaps not the glass. When digging drain tile I found a lot of old, broken purple glass around the perimeter of the building. The current yellow panes are thin, cheap rippled glass set in sagging, decayed leading. Many panes are broken or have come loose, and there holes everywhere in the lead through which you can easily see the outside. I think the windows may be unsalvageable, apart from the wooden frames.

I was thinking of replacing the glass altogether but with something equally yellow. The yellow seems to be an important part of the building, both inside and out, and I’d like to retain that. The yellow light in winter is so warm. There needs to be some opacity too, at least on the bottom half of the windows, because since the building is at street level it needs some degree of privacy. Would appreciate advice.

Stained glass window needs repair

Stained glass window

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  1. Mr.B Says:

    Maybe (if the metal frames can’t be salvaged) a single piece of tinted glass with a sanblasted “fade” from opaque to clear?

  2. LB Says:

    That might be really cool!

    It has just occurred to me that the inspector is going to demand double-glazing (which would also make the place much more sound-insulated). I should find out if double-glazed glass will fit into the window frames.

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