Dylan Moran – “and then we go home to our lovely… tiles.”

I saw Dylan Moran perform at the Edingburgh festival in the mid 1990s. In an moment of near infatuation or more accurately addiction I had to go back the next night and see him do the same show again. I ran into him at a bar afterward. So droll.

“The only problem with people who went to Oxford is that they never let you forget that they went to Oxford. Somehow they always bring the conversation back around to Oxford. “Oh look at that piece of dust! We had a piece of dust like that at Oxford!”

“Why don’t restaurants offer you the same things you want to eat at home. Fists of bread, dipped in anything runnier than bread.”

His BBC series Black Books, about misanthropic used bookstore owner Bernard Black, was also very funny (photo at bottom) but sadly only lasted for a couple of seasons. He was in Tristram Shandy and also early on had a cameo as the bookstore thief Rufus in Notting Hill.

See some short clips from his show and from standup routines: “stay away from your potential,” on smoking and drinking, americans, and skinheads.


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