Cornelia Oberlander lecture on landscape architecture and biodiversity

Renowned landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander will be giving a lecture Thursday November 18 at the University of British Columbia’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum. From the site:

The environment is not the same to a landscape architect as it is to a biologist. Cornelia Oberlander, Canada’s premier landscape architect according to the Governor General, joins us to define what the environment means to her. Oberlander’s projects are the result of studies of the social, cultural, and physical features of a given site. Through examples of her work, Oberlander shows the strong fit of the built landscape and biodiversity within the larger environment.

Over the past 60 years Cornelia Oberlander has collaborated as a landscape architect in a wide range of projects with internationally acclaimed architects such as Renzo Piano, Moshe Safdie, and the late Arthur Erickson. A leader in sustainability, Oberlander brings a mastery of the science and art of landscape architecture to all her projects and has received the Order of Canada for her work.

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