Modernist house, Cojimar, Cuba

Fisherman's house

Not far from Havana, this is the fishing village where Hemingway kept his boat during the decades he lived in Cuba. A local told me this house belongs to a fisherman. You periodically see this era of modernism in Cuba, but this one was especially well-preserved. The dramatic star on the front door is great (click to get a closer look) and look at the mural at right.

Fisherman's house

fisherman's house, Cojimar, Cuba

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2 Responses to “Modernist house, Cojimar, Cuba”

  1. Mr.Bluehaunt Says:

    This house is amazing. I have seen very similar in photos from Florida.

  2. ian Gordon Says:

    Stunning house from this period. Anybody know whom the architect was? It looks US influenced to me?

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