Geometric mural in the basement of Vancouver City Hall

City Hall, Geometric mural

Last week I was at City Hall for public hearings. It was over an urban planning fiasco that the B.C. provincial government is trying to force upon the City of Vancouver—a giant slot machine casino in the middle of the downtown core. Due to the overflow of citizens opposing this idiotic plan I had to go all the way down to the basement of City Hall to find a bathroom, and that’s when I found this mural from 1972. I didn’t know who Graham Warrington was—he turns out to be a Vancouver architectural photographer—but the fact that this mural hasn’t been painted over in 39 years suggests it’s now heritage, which made me happy. Seeing it was a momentary respite from the disingenuous government and gambling industry presentations going on upstairs. Note: City Hall is being renovated, hence the mess.

City Hall, Geometric mural

Geometric mural, Vancouver City Hall basement

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5 Responses to “Geometric mural in the basement of Vancouver City Hall”

  1. CM McLellan Says:

    Thanks for this – it looks like a great mural. I’m wondering if the artist is Vancouver architectural photographer Graham Warrington…

  2. LB Says:

    It must be! I’ll try and contact him.

  3. GW Says:


    Thank you for posting these photos of my father’s mural. I too am still surprised that it is still there unmolested (hopefully it stays that way). It is indeed the work of architectural photographer Graham Warrington. He also did a mural at the Victoria airport, though I don’t know if it is still there.

    My father was considered one of Canada’s best architectural photographers. He documented the buildings of Canada’s most celebrated architects including Arthur Erikson.

    Graham died of cancer in 1998.

  4. LB Says:

    Wow, thanks for this! I love that mural and I hope it’s not removed. It’s been there this long… someone is taking care of it.
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your father.
    Do you have any links to his work – and has it been collected into a book? If you can point me to any materials I’d be grateful.

  5. GW Says:

    Hello Lindsay,

    Please forgive the lateness of my reply. No problem at all and thank you for your condolences.

    A book was recently published which has some of his work in it. The name of the book is The West Coast Modern House.

    Hope that helps,

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