Luxury Comedy

I nearly had a stroke when I first saw Luxury Comedy, and not in a good way, despite being a fan of The Mighty Boosh and Noel  Fielding. Maybe the absence of the Boosh’s Julian Barrett was too jarring. But I finally fell down the rabbit hole into the red and blue forest where lives Noel, an anteater butler named Smooth, a housecleaner robot named Andy Warhol, a German girl named Dolly and a bunch of other sketch characters including a jailed lion, most of them played by Noel. Andy Warhol is a central character but his best appearance is above, at about 1:15. Noel Fielding studied at art school before going into comedy and television, and this solo effort, post Mighty Boosh, is actually a collaboration with Noel’s old art school friend and animator Nigel Coan. Noel’s  Dondylion character is probably the apex of the show. Episode 1 is below. It’s not the best one, but try to withhold judgment. Hey, Monty Python was patchy too.

Also: this great article on Noel in the Guardian.

[Warning: some of this not totally safe for viewing at work; liberal use of words like penis. But remember it was aired on Channel Four in the UK so it’s not X-rated. In the U.S. it probably would be, but it’s pretty standard UK language.]

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