Stripes: “Order and Border” at the Seattle Art Museum

I wish I’d curated this show:

“Stripes are a fundamental visual element, appearing naturally in vertical lines as trees and in manmade products of all kinds, from street dividers to ornate fabrics. The stripe is so basic it is rarely given isolated attention. This installation examines how stripes decorate and structure objects, bodies and spaces. It follows the many ways that stripes are formulated—swirling, rigid, ragged, skinny or bold—and shows how they appear in a wide range of media from a multitude of cultures. These objects help us recognize the range of meanings that a stripe holds, from a minor design feature to the sign of a significant mythic journey.”
–Pam McClusky, Curator, Art of Africa and Oceania, Seattle Art Museum

On until October 2012. The SAM provides online bibliographies for its shows, including this one. And for another current textile-based show at the  SAM, see Colors of the Oasis.

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