Cartoonist Dan Murphy’s spoof of proposed BC pipeline

By cartoonist Dan Murphy of the Vancouver Province newspaper (which pulled it after he posted it). Hilarious.

“Jobs”… or not. This oil pipeline proposal is the worst deal ever for B.C., with all the benefit going to China and corporations. It offers nothing close to adequate compensation for B.C. in the event of a pipeline or a tanker spill, and all this in return for a paltry number of jobs, not to mention no significant share in the profits. Our creeping-toward-fascism Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t have a sense of BC at all and is underestimating its ability to mount opposition. Vancouver produced Greenpeace and Adbusters, Stephen; do not mess with us.

In any case, it looks as if the deal is dead. Dumbest idea ever to run a pipeline for toxic, solvent-laden tar sand fuel over rocky mountainous terrain in earthquake country and then through Hecate Strait, one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world. It’s tied for dumbest idea with the Site C Dam, fracking or privatizing our public energy utility—Enron much? It’s hard to say which government is worse: the Government of Canada or the BC government. They’re tied.

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