It’s Christmas, time to put the tinfoil antlers on the camel

Tinfoil reindeer antlers

Other perhaps some other pagan holiday options? Perhaps we could consider Saturnalia. Or, if it must be organized religion, then the Flying Spaghetti Monster whose mockery-loving followers are known as Pastafarians. “Around the time of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, Pastafarians celebrate a vaguely defined holiday named “Holiday.”

That last line is perennially funny to me. It’s a new winter tradition.

Christmas 2006

Whatever you do, happy winter holiday, everyone. And consider the reindeer. They may not be with us that much longer, and Santa’s North Pole appears to be melting.

PS in this long warlike year of intolerance on the part of organized religions, Stephen Fry at 07:17

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