Winter solstice

amazing flying insect from south america

On this strange, shortest day of the year, when the world of course did not end but nevertheless continues its alarming drift into polar melt, I just hope that miraculous creatures like the Venezuelan poodle moth are managing to survive. How beautiful it is, almost like a Christmas decoration in the winter palace. It puts all human design to shame. I hope it and all its fellow species live to see another year.

The days are getting longer now, a huge relief for those of us in the northern hemisphere, but the world’s also getting hotter and who knows what seasons we’re heading for. Speaking of which: Dear Canada, we are among the biggest energy users in the world. We don’t need to keep our houses at 20 degrees indoors! Let’s turn the heat down and put on some sweaters.

As Leonard Cohen suggested, let’s just put our paper hats on our concussions and dance. Happy Holidays & New Year’s, everyone.

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  1. Erica W. Says:

    Happy Solstice, Happy New Year to you, too! I love that poodle moth! I thought it was a jackalope.

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