Navajo chief’s blanket ends up on Antiques Road Show (2004)

first nations/American indian weaving

This is for those who haven’t seen this decade-old segment which for some reason has been making the social media rounds again.

Apart from the wrongness of a blanket with this much historical import and value ending up in a private collection, for some reason I found it remarkable to see a textile get this sort of detailed attention especially from men. Speaking as a textiles person, this isn’t typical in North America, where many types of craft and design are apparently the feminine domain and men don’t deign to take an interest in them, in contrast to other parts of the world. Of course it’s likely the Navajo chief connection and the reference to Kit Carson that garners interest here, but it’s still nice to see the attention to the extreme fineness of the weaving.

All that aside, it’s a stunning Navajo blanket.

More information at here for a better version of the video without dumb text at top (video that can’t be embedded except on Facebook, annoyingly) on Vimeo.

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