pinecones fallen during storm
The two cones at left are young and old cones from the same pine tree (I forget the variety); same with the ones on the right, but from a blue atlas cedar. Plus an oak leaf from the trees that sway dangerously over the house

After months of drought in Vancouver, an almost cartoon storm arrived. First high winds knocked down scores of drought-shocked trees all over the city, along with branches, leaves, pine cones and acorns. Then when the wind died down, a cartoon monsoon followed.

It was a choreography of cars crushed by uprooted trees all over the city.

The cutting of power to 750,000 residents and the destruction of cars did make you think briefly about how the pagan gods, if there are any, are feeling lately.

Storm, August 29, 2015

storm, August 29, 2015

car crushed by fallen tree

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