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Left Coast Hemp Vodka, by Victoria Spirits

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

My aunt just brought me a bottle of Left Coast Hemp Vodka which is produced here in British Columbia. There are several levels of excellent design and craft involved in it:  the vodka itself, the label, and also the distiller’s great logo, a stylized still. The maker is Victoria Spirits, a professional family-run distiller located on Vancouver Island just north of the city of Victoria.

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Wood and paper lamps from Japan

Friday, September 11th, 2009

“Our lighting is hand-built in Japan from natural materials, including the hand-made paper (washi) of Eriko Horiki, the bent Japanese cedar of Toshiyuki Tani’s Wappa series, the coiled beech wood of the Bunaco Lacquer Ware Company, and the todomatsu pine slats of Takumi Kohgei. The lights are designed by Japanese architects and artisans who strive to create distinctive contemporary designs utilizing traditional materials and production techniques…Typically these lights provide ambient rather than functional lighting, creating that special mood or atmosphere which is best achieved through the use of soft natural materials.”  Japanese lamps sold and distributed in North America by Vancouver company Kozai Designs.

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